Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Am not going to bore you on New year's eve! This day is a chance to analyse what went wrong in the past year and how to improve on them in 2011(Am not going to talk about resolutions, cos I've followed none!!). Have a great year ahead and meet you here next year with some interesting stuff.



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just do it!

A mere 7 hours of disturbed sleep, and I am not feeling tired. I woke up at 13:00 hrs and I badly wanted to pen down my current thoughts. 

Remember seeing in the 4th chapter into Richard Branson’s “Screw it, Just do it”, I realised that I am somehow or the other behaving like Mr.Branson.

 For the past 3 years, I have been progressively losing touch with that “Just do it” attitude.
And now, I have lost a huge amount of it.

I was a motivated "V6 engine" then, with such great curiosity and insanity that I always ended up with problems. To me, problem solving was part of the little test that I loved. It’s a mind stimulating game that made me think. I love doing different things, love to read and gather information, love to try new dishes and getting to know more people! 

Now, I approach things in a skeptical manner, questioning myself with endless WHYs. At the end of the day, what comes to my mind would probably be the same at the beginning of the day! DUH
 The same useless “It will never work attitude”. 

Now I have successfully changed to become a very ‘safe’ person. What started it all, is my earning power. There’s a major pay jump from my previous job to my current (from a supermarket to a semiconductor Industry). I start to get very comfortable, and LAZY. Walking around my house like a dying old man looking for food and water, I felt like a potential amnesia victim. Wandering around uselessly around the house with no ideas in mind. Then I decide to do something better than what I have been doing earlier. And yea, I have been content so far with how I spend my off days except for a few.

The good old saying, I have reached my comfort zone, and have stopped thinking.

If you manage to kick a habit for a while and then you pick it up again, the effect will be greater than before. You will fall deeper into it, and harder to get out.

let me get things moving here.....
In recent years, my reading habit has become slow and has almost come to a complete halt. As fate would suggest, I did a simple survey and got rewarded with a $20 popular gift card. No prize for guessing which titles I’ve bought(2 John Grisham titles). Now, I am very much into reading again. And at a speed I never thought I possibly could!

I am not as motivated as before, but I have already kick started this old rotten V6 engine of mine. It’s cranky at times, but the right mechanic(efforts from my side) would be able to fix it effortlessly. This, I promise would happen soon.

First up, would be READER'S DIGEST, something that would spice up my life and keep me moving… and I have 2 copies of it right in front of me! :)

I have no idea if the picture I have posted is apt for the post but I found a striking similarity between the two! Yes, am weird! :)



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't risk it!

There are millions of liars out there. The salesperson trying to sell his products, the food court lady(in Singapore) telling you it’s all sold out, your employee telling you he is late for work and I can go on and on and on.....

Will I get offended if I knew that they lied? A hell NO.. Their lies don't have the ability to change my life and affect my emotions. Reason being, they are in no way related to my life!

But what if that someone holds an important role in my life? Yes, the disappointment will set in and stay with me for a period of time, affecting my daily life, and most importantly, how I look at him/her again. I will never think that it was just a small white lie. When the truth is out, I will lose that "trust" I have for the person.

It takes one lie, to cover up for another, and another, and yet another. Boys and girls out there, lying requires a certain level of skill to successfully hide what you are trying to. You shouldn’t execute this thought if you are not experienced enough.

I strongly urge you to think even before you begin to lie. Trust me, it is very tiring for both parties. Most importantly, don’t take the risk to shatter the most important element in all relationships. 

It’s called "



Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's in a haircut?

This is the first time am writing from my mobile! Pardon me for any spelling or grammatical errors. 

I still remember those D days when I dread going to the barber when I was small. I hate the smell of the shaving cream and sound of the shaver, the inconsistency of the final look. Each time you cut your hair, you look different from your previous one. Once I step out of the barber shop, a gloomy day awaits.

Nowadays, I love going for a haircut, because there is a whole new different meaning to it. It is not the smell of the salon, the final look, or even the hair wash. It is the person cutting it. Someone whom I have let my hair cut for … 3 times now which is a very rare phenomenon in my life. Whenever I am down and out, she is definitely one of the person that cares and advices me. In my heart, I know that sometimes she is lying about the advice she told. Honestly I am not bothered by it. White lies do help motivate a person when he/she is at a crossroad. At the very least, she took the effort to lie, just to make me feel better. At least she cares!

For the last 3 months, she shares her opinions on all aspects, which I am more than willing to hear. All aspects.....Jokes, relationships, family,  career, investments, business, health,government issues.. you name it, she got it. I don’t have to say what issues I am facing, she can guess it correctly all the time.  It’s really nice to have someone that understand you all the time.

I never thought I could have so much to talk to a barber and sometimes I wonder the knowledge that she has could take her to more challenging jobs but she must have her own reasons. 

It really is a nice feeling.

Am looking forward to my next visit.



Thursday, September 30, 2010

A random thought

I had a regular phone session with a close friend of mine a few weeks back. Had a nice chat with him about our goals, investments and dreams. I understand, and agree from the conversation that when one is working towards their goals, they tend to be blinded by other factors. The guy whom I spoke to works for a big firm back in India. 

Having a goal is indeed a good thing in life. Work hard and achieve what you want. In the process of achieving it, you might gain some, and lose some. If you can afford to lose it, carry on with what you have set upon. If you can’t, slow down and amend the route. Make sure there’s a balance before continuing the journey.

Reaching your goal slower but with a clear conscience and happy mindset, is much fulfilling then reaching your goal fast but in the process, you have regrets and losing things that you can’t afford to lose.

Today a lot of people might still not be successful in their career yet, but they definitely know the right way to balance things out with their loved ones. When the time comes for their career to take off, they know that they have got plenty of people to share their happiness with. They are just waiting for that very moment, when happiness shine onto them like the morning rays.

The last paragraph might be very confusing when you read it for the first time. Try reading it again and again, you will find a balance. 



Friday, September 10, 2010

The 2 L's that keep worrying me...

I wake up alone, eat and sleep alone!

I do have a room mate but he is a family guy. Family comes first! Right? :D Well, I promise myself every night to make the next day the BEST DAY of my life but ends in trash. At this hour, it’s the best time to think about how the day was. Really wish for someone to talk to, but I guess those eligible species are all asleep. Any late night owls out there where we can share our problems together?

My last resort to enjoy myself would be my office. A whole lot of people from various backgrounds to talk to(Filipinos, Chinese, Indians, Malays and Americans). Did I miss any race? But my BAD luck, I just work for 4 days a week and thus miss my office.

There are plenty of priorities for a guy in the mid 20s, which is, my age ( I am proud to admit I am 24 this year).Let me see..Career? Investments? Family? Properties?

There are so many to list but the one I am going to discuss about is Marriage.Yes, I promise that am not getting married any time soon(can see a sigh of relief on all those ladies out there), so don’t let your mind escalate to an irrational stage. I am just dead curious about what kind of answer they would have if I were to post that question. A question that has been running around in my mind for some time because I was MUGGED recently....(everyone has to go through this phase, am no God)

Why do you think he/she is the one?In my opinion, Marriage is not a “just because we are together for so long, then we have to get married” thing. I am talking about LIFETIME Commitments and Responsibility plus plenty of PURE love towards the other half. When you are looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend in your younger days(say between 18-23), I believe what you are actually looking for is LOVE and FUN(on experience), Someone to hang out with when you are bored and alone, someone to hold your hands and whisper sweet rubbish. As you grow older to a wiser stage( which bluntly translates to my stage), Ask yourself this question. Why do you think he/she is the one? The one who will stay with you for the rest of your life.Give it a thought.Back to the subject, and so I went around asking people who are married. There are a million and one answers to the question due to the boring fact that no one is the same.I ask myself what kind of person I want to stick with, for the REST OF MY LIFE.

I found the answer, it is a very simple answer.And no, I am not going to reveal it here.


I can share with you like what a majority of people would say,“You will just feel it when the time comes.”Simple isn’t it?

Well the 2 L's am talking about are Life and loneliness.



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tips to quit smoking

Good Morning all!

I have to get to work this morning but I wanted to do a quick update and then I'll do a "real" post later today.

If you are considering quitting then here are some tips to help you. The first tip is Tell Others your Plan to Quit. Quitting may be easier to stay focused when you tell people you are quitting. Plus they will offer their support which you may need in the first day or so. If you hate people who constantly ask how you are doing, when you tell people you are quitting ask them not to ask, rather tell them how they can help.

Next, remove the Cigarettes and Other tobacco from Your Home, Car and Work. You know the old expression out of sight, out of mind. Clean these areas that smells like smoke, use deodorizers and air fresheners to get rid of the smell, if you can't smell it you will not want to smoke it. Then make a list of why you want to quit. If you have superficial reasons for quitting then you won't last. Make sure your reasons are valid so you will stick to it.

You are not the first person to quit and you won't be the last. So keep that in mind if other people with less resolve than you can stop then so can you. If you are pregnant then it is the perfect time to quit, you don't want to risk the health of the baby by smoking. Smoking while pregnant causes low birth weight and sometimes miscarriages.

Distract your self from smoking, take up a hobby where you can keep your hands busy, like gardening. Idle hands tend to make a smoker want to smoke. Don't think you can do it all; expect to relapse because if you expect it then chances are you might not because you think you will. Become more physically active, start exercising or take walks, keep your mind on something else.

Nicotine is a powerful addiction and every hour that do without a cigarette brings you one step closer to beating the nicotine. Keep a journal as to how you feel day to day, it will be like a therapy, it will help you. Count the days that you have stopped smoking you will find great encouragement from this. Try chewing gum or lollypops in order to satisfy the oral fixation of having a cigarette in your mouth. Before you know it you will have stopped smoking and you will feel great.