Friday, September 10, 2010

The 2 L's that keep worrying me...

I wake up alone, eat and sleep alone!

I do have a room mate but he is a family guy. Family comes first! Right? :D Well, I promise myself every night to make the next day the BEST DAY of my life but ends in trash. At this hour, it’s the best time to think about how the day was. Really wish for someone to talk to, but I guess those eligible species are all asleep. Any late night owls out there where we can share our problems together?

My last resort to enjoy myself would be my office. A whole lot of people from various backgrounds to talk to(Filipinos, Chinese, Indians, Malays and Americans). Did I miss any race? But my BAD luck, I just work for 4 days a week and thus miss my office.

There are plenty of priorities for a guy in the mid 20s, which is, my age ( I am proud to admit I am 24 this year).Let me see..Career? Investments? Family? Properties?

There are so many to list but the one I am going to discuss about is Marriage.Yes, I promise that am not getting married any time soon(can see a sigh of relief on all those ladies out there), so don’t let your mind escalate to an irrational stage. I am just dead curious about what kind of answer they would have if I were to post that question. A question that has been running around in my mind for some time because I was MUGGED recently....(everyone has to go through this phase, am no God)

Why do you think he/she is the one?In my opinion, Marriage is not a “just because we are together for so long, then we have to get married” thing. I am talking about LIFETIME Commitments and Responsibility plus plenty of PURE love towards the other half. When you are looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend in your younger days(say between 18-23), I believe what you are actually looking for is LOVE and FUN(on experience), Someone to hang out with when you are bored and alone, someone to hold your hands and whisper sweet rubbish. As you grow older to a wiser stage( which bluntly translates to my stage), Ask yourself this question. Why do you think he/she is the one? The one who will stay with you for the rest of your life.Give it a thought.Back to the subject, and so I went around asking people who are married. There are a million and one answers to the question due to the boring fact that no one is the same.I ask myself what kind of person I want to stick with, for the REST OF MY LIFE.

I found the answer, it is a very simple answer.And no, I am not going to reveal it here.


I can share with you like what a majority of people would say,“You will just feel it when the time comes.”Simple isn’t it?

Well the 2 L's am talking about are Life and loneliness.




rajster said...


Vignesh Adhi said...

Why may I ask?

Joanne said...

Witty entry; Perhaps you are thinking a tad too deeply? Personally I dont agree with the romanticised comment of 'You'll feel it when t happens.' Then again though that could be because it hasn't happened to me?! lol I would prefer to think however that I'm just such an independent person that letting my guard down would seriously damage my health! (And there you have it - this coming from a woman of 35 years and who has been with the same person for 17 years!). Now that has got me thinking...there is something called being 'too comfortable'...Oh Dear!

I wish you lots of love and luk for the future babe. And of course when 'you do feel it' make sure you let us all know!

Best Wishes from the UK (Jo FB)

srividya said...

Hi Vignesh...loneliness....being one a lot of time to reflect....understand our thoughts ....our beliefs.... our actions...our relationships.....our reactions and responses to those we are interacting with....don't let worry occupy your stop rationally thinking and acting once you do is far more exciting and fun than we actually understand...

Berryfinn said...

Hey vigi, wats wrong with u... ur speech says u ve become too wise for ur age, though I nknow u arent(lol) ;-)
Im just wondering if ur better-half is also writing a similar blog, staying in some corner of the world !!!
Cheer up young man. You ve lots to see.. in singapore alone :) meant places ;)

Poorni :)

Vignesh Adhi said...

Am enjoying life Miss.Berryfinn! I still have a lot of places to explore in here. The hunt has just started.