Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tips to quit smoking

Good Morning all!

I have to get to work this morning but I wanted to do a quick update and then I'll do a "real" post later today.

If you are considering quitting then here are some tips to help you. The first tip is Tell Others your Plan to Quit. Quitting may be easier to stay focused when you tell people you are quitting. Plus they will offer their support which you may need in the first day or so. If you hate people who constantly ask how you are doing, when you tell people you are quitting ask them not to ask, rather tell them how they can help.

Next, remove the Cigarettes and Other tobacco from Your Home, Car and Work. You know the old expression out of sight, out of mind. Clean these areas that smells like smoke, use deodorizers and air fresheners to get rid of the smell, if you can't smell it you will not want to smoke it. Then make a list of why you want to quit. If you have superficial reasons for quitting then you won't last. Make sure your reasons are valid so you will stick to it.

You are not the first person to quit and you won't be the last. So keep that in mind if other people with less resolve than you can stop then so can you. If you are pregnant then it is the perfect time to quit, you don't want to risk the health of the baby by smoking. Smoking while pregnant causes low birth weight and sometimes miscarriages.

Distract your self from smoking, take up a hobby where you can keep your hands busy, like gardening. Idle hands tend to make a smoker want to smoke. Don't think you can do it all; expect to relapse because if you expect it then chances are you might not because you think you will. Become more physically active, start exercising or take walks, keep your mind on something else.

Nicotine is a powerful addiction and every hour that do without a cigarette brings you one step closer to beating the nicotine. Keep a journal as to how you feel day to day, it will be like a therapy, it will help you. Count the days that you have stopped smoking you will find great encouragement from this. Try chewing gum or lollypops in order to satisfy the oral fixation of having a cigarette in your mouth. Before you know it you will have stopped smoking and you will feel great.



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