Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just do it!

A mere 7 hours of disturbed sleep, and I am not feeling tired. I woke up at 13:00 hrs and I badly wanted to pen down my current thoughts. 

Remember seeing in the 4th chapter into Richard Branson’s “Screw it, Just do it”, I realised that I am somehow or the other behaving like Mr.Branson.

 For the past 3 years, I have been progressively losing touch with that “Just do it” attitude.
And now, I have lost a huge amount of it.

I was a motivated "V6 engine" then, with such great curiosity and insanity that I always ended up with problems. To me, problem solving was part of the little test that I loved. It’s a mind stimulating game that made me think. I love doing different things, love to read and gather information, love to try new dishes and getting to know more people! 

Now, I approach things in a skeptical manner, questioning myself with endless WHYs. At the end of the day, what comes to my mind would probably be the same at the beginning of the day! DUH
 The same useless “It will never work attitude”. 

Now I have successfully changed to become a very ‘safe’ person. What started it all, is my earning power. There’s a major pay jump from my previous job to my current (from a supermarket to a semiconductor Industry). I start to get very comfortable, and LAZY. Walking around my house like a dying old man looking for food and water, I felt like a potential amnesia victim. Wandering around uselessly around the house with no ideas in mind. Then I decide to do something better than what I have been doing earlier. And yea, I have been content so far with how I spend my off days except for a few.

The good old saying, I have reached my comfort zone, and have stopped thinking.

If you manage to kick a habit for a while and then you pick it up again, the effect will be greater than before. You will fall deeper into it, and harder to get out.

let me get things moving here.....
In recent years, my reading habit has become slow and has almost come to a complete halt. As fate would suggest, I did a simple survey and got rewarded with a $20 popular gift card. No prize for guessing which titles I’ve bought(2 John Grisham titles). Now, I am very much into reading again. And at a speed I never thought I possibly could!

I am not as motivated as before, but I have already kick started this old rotten V6 engine of mine. It’s cranky at times, but the right mechanic(efforts from my side) would be able to fix it effortlessly. This, I promise would happen soon.

First up, would be READER'S DIGEST, something that would spice up my life and keep me moving… and I have 2 copies of it right in front of me! :)

I have no idea if the picture I have posted is apt for the post but I found a striking similarity between the two! Yes, am weird! :)




Kjo said...

Hey Viggi - nice post there. Not an ardent novel reader in here but I can see you have taken things quite seriously from Mr.Branson's book. (Waiting to get my hand on some Branson & Buffet :p)

Yeah get going and start telling stories :) All the very best. Do keep writing.

Mathange Mohan said...

Hey good one dear....! Keep rolling ur pen ... Best Wishes!