Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't risk it!

There are millions of liars out there. The salesperson trying to sell his products, the food court lady(in Singapore) telling you it’s all sold out, your employee telling you he is late for work and I can go on and on and on.....

Will I get offended if I knew that they lied? A hell NO.. Their lies don't have the ability to change my life and affect my emotions. Reason being, they are in no way related to my life!

But what if that someone holds an important role in my life? Yes, the disappointment will set in and stay with me for a period of time, affecting my daily life, and most importantly, how I look at him/her again. I will never think that it was just a small white lie. When the truth is out, I will lose that "trust" I have for the person.

It takes one lie, to cover up for another, and another, and yet another. Boys and girls out there, lying requires a certain level of skill to successfully hide what you are trying to. You shouldn’t execute this thought if you are not experienced enough.

I strongly urge you to think even before you begin to lie. Trust me, it is very tiring for both parties. Most importantly, don’t take the risk to shatter the most important element in all relationships. 

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palani said...

You have just written wat i feel inside...!!

Damn good man...!!

VJ@DJ said...

@Vegiee: Good one again. But not as interesting as the barber story.

Trust is an image or belief which you build for someone inside you. Simply to put, I can say that as "expectations". In the event they don't comply to our expectations then we say the "trust" is broken. Many of us compare broken trust to betrayal.

Also, failure in trust can be forgiven very easily if we relate it with the level of incompetency of the person rather than relating it with betrayal / honesty for a person.

Try to rely on someone and not to trust someone easily from now. Reliance and Trust has a difference. Eg: We rely on clock everyday more than our GFs and when its broken, we do not say I trusted my clock and it betrayed me and I will never wear that clock again. Instead we relate it to the incompetence of the clock and forgive that very easily. So rely on someone and try not to trust non-blood relationships at the very start. I know its very hard to do this but at-least try!!!

Finally, What ever happens life has to go on... Having said all these, you can trust me for anything ;)

Vignesh Adhi said...

Just wanted to add this post on the eve of October 6th to make sense on what I really think on trust. Doesn't mean I have lost trust in a few and I have gained it elsewhere!

And yea, I have always trusted you! Just takes me back to our conversations at #10-11. :)

Vignesh Adhi said...

Thanks Palani! More to come I guess :)