Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's in a haircut?

This is the first time am writing from my mobile! Pardon me for any spelling or grammatical errors. 

I still remember those D days when I dread going to the barber when I was small. I hate the smell of the shaving cream and sound of the shaver, the inconsistency of the final look. Each time you cut your hair, you look different from your previous one. Once I step out of the barber shop, a gloomy day awaits.

Nowadays, I love going for a haircut, because there is a whole new different meaning to it. It is not the smell of the salon, the final look, or even the hair wash. It is the person cutting it. Someone whom I have let my hair cut for … 3 times now which is a very rare phenomenon in my life. Whenever I am down and out, she is definitely one of the person that cares and advices me. In my heart, I know that sometimes she is lying about the advice she told. Honestly I am not bothered by it. White lies do help motivate a person when he/she is at a crossroad. At the very least, she took the effort to lie, just to make me feel better. At least she cares!

For the last 3 months, she shares her opinions on all aspects, which I am more than willing to hear. All aspects.....Jokes, relationships, family,  career, investments, business, health,government issues.. you name it, she got it. I don’t have to say what issues I am facing, she can guess it correctly all the time.  It’s really nice to have someone that understand you all the time.

I never thought I could have so much to talk to a barber and sometimes I wonder the knowledge that she has could take her to more challenging jobs but she must have her own reasons. 

It really is a nice feeling.

Am looking forward to my next visit.




BooNMiNG said...

i hate going for haircut because i do not know how to express what i want to the barber..

so i usually let the barber decides what's best for me..

VJ@DJ said...

Veggie... a nice write up. I thoroughly enjoyed your flow of emotions for the barber. You should consider telling how much you adore and respect her for the knowledge which she possess. Atleast, it can be sort of appreciation from your end.

Vignesh Adhi said...

I certainly appreciate her efforts VJ but you know from "experience" that you can't believe everything in life. Am just happy that she appreciates me. I love talking to strangers and you know that. :)